Zhineng TAIJI

Dear all,
The book ZHINENG TAIJI is ready.
The book comes with a demonstration DVD on Taiji Ball 1 and Taiji Ball 2.
Size: B5
ISBN: 978-983-41012-4-4
Chapter 1: Introduction to Taiji Ball                           1
Chapter 2: Foundation work – turning the ball         9
Chapter 3: Taiji Ball I                                               18 
Chapter 4: Taiji Ball II                                              47                                                                              
Chapter 5: Straight Legs Sitting                              63
Chapter 6: Narration of Taiji Ball I & II                      78
Founder of Zhineng Qiong – Dr Pang Ming             87
Island Zhineng Qigong Centre  –  Ooi Kean Hin       89
Price: 28.00euro
Those in Europe can order through: info@chineng.eu
It is not available on Amazon yet… the subsidiary of Amazon, CreateSpace does not handle book attached with a DVD. 
So for those in USA and asia pacific, please write to me directly: okhpen@yahoo.com