Qigong Therapy Distance Learning Module II

Dear all,

We will start our Module II: “Coming home” on Wednesday 24 April 2013 at 17:30 Malaysia time (5.30pm) and 11:30 CET (summer time adjustment takes effect at the end of March, so only 6 hrs difference). There will be 10 continual Wednesday classes and the last class will be on 26 June. Each class will be 90 minutes. As usual we will arrange for video skype session for inspection. Only those who have attended Module I are allowed to attend Module II.

(Those who are not able to attend classes on weekdays, please note that the second Module II class will be held on Saturdays starting July.)

In addition to the practice videos we will have recorded files on the lectures for you to study.

Those who are interested please contact me directly.
Fee: 500euro

Brief class contents:
Foundation theory:
The hunyuan holistic theory: the core of ZQ system

Hunyuan Theory
Transformation (time and space)
Yiyuanti: qi of CNS of human
Cultivation of daode

The cream of the crop – main lecture

What is self? How self is formed? How to recognise it? How to approach it? How to go “home”? How to “protect” it? 

The various levels of human daode: Natural daode Freedom daode > social daode > social freedom daode: what is the significance?

The various levels of the Reference System of human consciousness: Primeval y2t > biased y2t > complete y2t > at one y2t; where are we going?

What are the significance of the five thinkings used in qigong? How to apply?

Working on SI joints and the spine.