Distance Class Report #5

The recent months brought me rich insights and they brought me out of balance.

For the unbalance there are two reasons, I think.


1. One is my health. Although I have been practising more during the last year (between ¾ hours up to 1 ½ hours a day) i felt that my energie was decreasing. Sometimes I got uncertain about the manner I practise. And sometimes I got uncertain about the power of Chi Neng Qigong …


Beside this there were signs from my body that troubled me (thickened glands in my groins; strange feelings in my intestines; lost of weight and fever after physical exertion). You reassured me that there were no serious problems, beside with my heart.


 This trouble with my health I experienced as a distraction of the ‘real stuff’ of my personal development. I didn’t want it but I could not prevent it. However, I sometimes also could feel that there was not a threatening problem inside my body and I could feel myself more trustful.


Unbalance is necessary before a rebalance can take place …However, often I thought during module 2: I First have to work more on the foundation of my  basic health before I work on more airy items as ‘the mind watching the mind’ .


2. The other reason is something inside what I feel as a transformation from the thinking/ controlling mode into a more intuitive one. For me it’s a positive thing. But it is really hard working for me. It makes me happy and it makes me also anxious and uncertain (the same the problems with my health does … there seems to be a parallel)


Regularly I feel how strong the control through thoughts works within me. When I dare to loosen the control I can feel an extremely increase of release, of perception and of contact with other peoples and contact with the present moment.


I am more conscious about how my reference system makes life narrow. I also feel how difficult it is not to grasp for good feelings …


I think I now shall restart module 1 and then shall do module 2 again.

It’s so rich stuff and I have to go through it again and again.

I am glad that we can put questions to you. The way you explain this difficult matter and the way you buil this up is very very good. It is so clear! Despite that fact I need more time and more openness to be able to understand it on a deeper level.


Report #3 Distance Learning Course

Personally my experience in M1 was more focusing on Qi feelings and body work to open up the Lumbar. Qi feeling was already there, but has been growing extremely thought trembling and the PMT. Practicing with claw hands, pushing the mountain and the wave arms where bodily very effective form me. Also the floor exercises have been helping me a lot, my lumbar was opening faster and my C7 is much more movable. I know this is only an explanation of bodywork. I believe if the body work is not enough the possibility to go to yourself will be smaller. In M1 I realised that I had to work more on my emotions then I did before. It helps tremendously and see I can handle my emotions much better than ever before.

In M2, I could find more experience practicing BMF the way I did for myself.  Searching and evaluating. Following the Qi flow through the body and the organs was always fun. Not because I knew I should do so, it was just my way of having fun into my practise.  The theory to find the middle in M2 in all the Qi experience and the silence into yourself was for me very nice to get this so clearly explained. I had to learn not to follow the Qi flow anymore but just let it go and be aware.  The practice with open eyes is very helpful. It is easier to stay in the middle then closed eyes. My Qi feelings are getting more to the background. Here I feel a big progress coming. More silence into myself no fighting against myself. Just let it come and go, but the awareness is there all the time. Because of the silence I noticed a grow into my social life. I know more why I was reacting like I did, and I am able to make a choice in my decisions. Listening to the Nature and here information are important for me in a very wide perspective.

For me practise is important it brings me much more to the Universe and mother Earth.  I believe this way of practising is the way it is meant by Dr. Pang Ming. Somewhere I knew, but couldn’t find the way. M2 is an opening and helps me to find myself peace for peace. Slowly without hurry.

I will never be the best explainer, I don’t find words to disciple it beautiful. I have accepted that too. When I was in front of a student I always use very simple words to explain. I trust this habit will not leave me.

I only can end this report with: “ I feel a quietness and peace into myself which I had lost. A big grow for me ”.

Reports on Module 2 Distance Qigong Therapy Cours


From what I could recall, there is some progress observed for myself:-

– After M1, I was working towards building up Qi in the membranous tissue, loosening lumbar, the work on the mind was still very technical, the way it was, it has to be already outward or “materialized”, then I knew something went wrong.  The mind was still being driven by external factors most of the time, and I was not aware that I was reacting to the external triggers.

– After going through 2 sessions of M2, I realized this is mainly the internal work, the self matters the most, it is a true “self-realization” course. No matter what happens, “self” has to take full accountability onto what our responses are, including something that triggers us to react negatively, right question should be asked to the self why should we react negatively if it is our life activities that is more important? And sometimes, also for the positive emotions too, why should we feel happy and great when people praise us, since we aware of the value of what we have done, the level which we are in?   

The awareness is being refined further to perceive the thoughts, the condition of the body, the condition of the mind (sometimes, not every time).  Indirectly it helps improving the EC. As we are more familiar with the awareness and the internal peace of the mind, we are more alert when external triggers challenge the existing reference system. This is when we could ask more “why” questions so that we could change the reference system to a more objective view, a more holistic state.  To change the belief, in fact takes time….  

With this realization, when carrying out life activities, I will “look inside” Self <or shall I say check the feeling  inside>  to check whether my action is appropriate in order to create value to self and others. (sometimes, but not all the time yet).   

M2 helps tremendously in practicing qigong, it is more inward focusing into the mind

itself, not only movements and Qi flow. (okh: note that without the prior perception of movements and qi flow many would have lost the way..)

It also made me better understand what wholesome is about and what was mentioned by Hui Neng.

More to share but don’t know how to elaborate…..


The very distinct different between the module 1 n 2 is that module 1 is more on the physical aspect whereas module 2 has more emphasis on the mind. 

After going through the 2nd round of module 2, i could notice that my awareness and understanding are getting deeper. It is like reading a book again and again, the understanding gets clearer. So, i would like to attend the revision course next year.

I find the method of asking WHY is a very useful and powerful tool for me. For me, with the answer from WHY , experiences and thinking has made me realise a lot of things. And more importantly  is MY SUPERSTITIONS and FEAR  has reduced a lot. I know what is going on in myself and my surrounding. I am not led by mystified answer. I am able to lift up MY SELF.I am able to handle my daughters , issues , surrounding much better. The core is I am able to stay at my self very much better. I won’t be like the story of Aesop and the donkey.

So far , I truly admit that exposure to ZQ is one of the very few excellent things that happen to me. I know my road in still long. The path might not be smooth, but I am very willing to further explore ZQ , willing to face challenges , willing to do the things that i should do to achieve my goal. (okh: willing is from will, from WILL POWER.) I always tell my students: GOOD things are hard to come by. We need to put in effort, time, energy, priority and faith. Now I am telling it back to myself. All along I know what i want but all along I have yet to find a suitable , reasonable , logical, meaningful path until now.