Patient’s feedback

A report from a patient.
¬†Mr Ooi. i would really like to thank you for the treatment you have done to me, my dad (bad vision after¬†glaucoma operation) and sister (lumbar problem). anyway, here’s the report.11/10/2012

2pm: 1st consultation in 2001, GP said is due to work pressure, given vitamin (can’t recalled what’s the name of the medicine so called vitamin). i suggested to the GP to refer me to neuro department. a refer letter was written on the spot and ask me go directly to the neuro 104.

there is no consultation today because it was operation/botox treatment day. a nurse at neuro saw my twitching eye and coincidentally there was a neuro consultant reading the patients medical history record, the nurse said my case needed botox injection, and talk to the consultant. without further hesitation the consultant came near me and saw me, he directly asked me go for botox injection, he told me i’m lucky today because today is operation/botox injection day, he can directly make the injection for me as if i want to. i refused because it was really a big shocked to go for injection without further diagnosis as well as mental preparation. the consultant said he will make an appointment for me to go for thorough consultation and medical advise, and at the same time asked me to consider botox injection.


9.30am: consulted an indian doctor, went through all the necessary diagnosis questionnaires and general actions/activities like pushing, raise up hand, smiling and etc..she consulted the consultant that i talked to on 11/10/2012, and again the consultant suggested me to go for botox. again, i refused, and i requested if there is any optional treatment other than merely botox injection. was prescribed clonazepam.12/6/2013

2pm: consulted a chinese doctor, told her i was suffered from illusion, loss of orientation and weakness after the medicine (which i only took for 2 days). she consulted the consultant again and came back to me, suggested CT scan and botox injection.she said even if i accepted her suggestion for botox injection, i will need to queue up and waiting for my turn which is one year later. again, i declined, was given another medicine called T.Baclofen, and was told if feeling any discomfort, can choose to discontinue and resume after few days/weeks after the discomfort disappear.25/2/2014

2pm: consulted a chinese doctor, told her my period became irregular and lesser after took the T.Baclofen (which i’ve taken for 3days) and period back to normal after discontinue the medicine. she said this is not suppose to be 1 of the side effects of T.Baclofen. then, she told me there has no more other alternative medicine for treating my eye twitching problem. she asked me how can she help me in this case since i’ve been rejected botox injection. i told her actually i feel better without medicine (of cause with the help by Mr. Ooi). she then asked me do i still need the follow up. i told her to continue, so my next follow up will be Feb 2015
once again: thank you, Mr Ooi
Okh: Patient, Joan, came back on 14 March and has recovered almost completely without any medication.