Coaching feedback from a Penang fella

Training feedback from a 27 year old kid (Penang lang).

Personal couching conducted by Sew Pei See, 24-27 February 2015, 4days x 4hrs a day.

Q: What do you like most about the training / event?

I loved that it was very practical, hands on, I experienced everything I was meant to with the guide of Pei See and her teaching was very simple and down to earth and easy to understand. I also loved the fact that I managed to calm my mind and control my emotions within such a short period of time. I have not felt this way for years!!

Q: How will the event benefit you in your job or during your daily life activities? Please describe. 

Life changing. I have a very stressful job and lived a very stressful life. I had trouble sleeping properly, had breathing difficulties when I was stressed, had low energy levels no matter how much I slept. At times I felt depressed. Since learning a few exercises I feel reborned and alive again. My energy levels have been so high I no longer need to take coffee anymore (I used to have 6 cups to just get me by). My loved ones around me have noticed a significant change in my attitude and character being more lively, energetic and happy.

Q: Will you attend if we are offering some other courses or upgrading courses?

Yes definitely if I am able to take time off work for it or if it does not clash with my schedule.

Q: Would you like to refer Serenity Therapy and Health Centre to your friends for such courses or therapy?

I already have

Other remarks*:

I guess the only thing I believe we could have improved on was a written description of the exercises we were performing and going into detail of it as a documentation and reference as although I remembered most of it I did forget some of it (of which some I would have to ask again etc etc). That was why I was rushing to write of notes at times 😛 I belief that a lot of other people especially older people  may not grasps or forget sections to their exercises or may perform it wrongly . If there is a detail description for example: like in my profession  a written therapeutic guideline for people to take home they can adhere to it much better. In our veterinary profession this helps increase client compliance towards ie medicating their animals correctly.

Thank you so much Pei See , you have been a miracle to me 🙂 I cannot thank you enough for your help! I hope I can schedule more training with you in the future!! you have inspired me and motivated me in my qi gong practice and I hope one day I will be able to the a therapist like you and Mr Ooi 🙂 and yes you can put some of this up on your blog if you wish to 🙂

The forum you were talking about is the Serenity Therapy yahoo forum right? where I can post videos , or pictures of my training and ask questions there as well?


‘the kid’ HAHAHA

*Kid, thank you for pointing out. We normally ask patients to take down photos/videos (think smart phone) of prescribed exercises and I am sure you have received all the video files on M1 by now. Again, thank you!