Training reports

Extracts of some of the reports from the M1 Course conducted at I Avenue (May 5-9, 2015) and on-line (March-May 2015).

Yeap XX, male, 45, Perak, Malaysia
The three days (day 3 of 5) were not wasted, my leg injury of more than 20 years has recovered substantially. I feel as if the muscles are coming back to life.

When PS took us into the practice of 3CM, for the first time I could feel movements of qi inside the meridians.. I felt as if I was standing there for a short while, but when I opened my eyes I realized I have been standing close to an hour.. I did not realize that exercises can be so powerful..

Lo XX, female, Penang, Malaysia
The key elements in psychological and physiological aspects and their relationship were well explained and well supported by scientific research.
Combine with taiji ball 3CM turns up to be easier. I could feel first the heat round navel then mingmen, the waist (front and back)

After a few days of practice it is easier to feel qi (heat) once laqi started. Can feel the strong magnet-like qi ball.

Everyday after the class, I’d feel refreshing and I started to think how can I reproduce the same feeling everyday after work wink emoticon Besides working on the exercises I still have a lot to work on my mindfulness and awareness to make this practice more effective.

Chee, Taiwan
This is my fourth time on M1. Although it is a revision on foundation, it seems that none of the four are the same.. The feeling of wholeness is very apparent when practicing Taiji Ball, the connection between the lumbar, shoulders and the four limbs are very fluid and clear.

H, Australia
To me it was very different yet the same as last time. Always there is some new information, and always there is something that is repeated that suddenly becomes clear and you understand it or understand it on a deeper level. Often I will think of a question and within a short period of time in the lecture you already answer it.

My level of understanding and awareness has definitely changed and deepened.
Living in Australia and having personal circumstances that now limit me going to courses overseas I am really appreciative of these on-line classes. From deep in my heart I express my gratitude to you for sharing of your wisdom and knowledge.

B, Germany:
I had some very interesting insights from this course: how important it is to practice the right excercises, to practice regularly in an sufficiant amout of time daily to get results, theoretical aspects get refreshed or more clear, how important the right practice is, etc. I heard first about the role of membranus tissue and excercises for that in Qigong. The role of emotions was not new to me, but it is always a good reminder to take care of your emotions, to work on the ability to calm yourself in demanding situations.
I liked the course material (papers, videos, mp3) very much, it was well structured and helps to work on it deeper, the recordings of online practice are very helpful also to repeat the practice when ever you like.
I enjoyed practicing together under your guidance OKH, in the comfort of my home!
Thank you very much OKH, for me it was a interesting, professional training, well organised and I benefited in many ways joining this course.

Mag, Italy
I find that we were given a lot of information and material. It is very practical to have the audio file for practice.
The lessons were very clear and you gave me concrete information to understand and progress. Now I need to make this knowledge mine !

I appreciate the fact that you always give quick and clear feedbacks when I have doubts and questions.
Conclusion: ready to board on the pirate ship!

R, Netherlands
Thank you for all your very inspiring lessons!

I have been quit emotional lately, and I didn’t realize that this could also be an effect of my practice. Until you mentioned it, last week. I felt a little bit silly that I didn’t think of that. (But then, I didn’t think much of it at all, I just dealt with it).

Then I practicing on my own two times now, my attention is ‘bigger’ I could feel my hands, my arms, my shoulders, ánd my Dantian. The feeling in my Dantian got very strong. In fact it is not only in my Dantian, but my whole belly. As if Qi is turning and turning. My Dantian and my hands are connected. Everything is warm and electric. I should be careful not to attach to this strong sensation, it’s great wink emoticon



Our next therapy class at Serenity THC will be from 18 to 29 May (Mon to Fri, 10am to 4pm).

Testimonials from the last class

Mr Ong (Artist/Designer) 60
Major illness: PET scan found 1.2cm nodule in the left lung. Rejected further investigation through biopsy.

Q: What do you like most about the course?
A: Everything. My mind is more relaxing after the course.

Q: What is the understanding of your health condition? What do you think you should focus onto?
A: I will do the following.
1. Focusing onto my left lung, hopefully it is not cancerous.
2. (I have had) too much stress and worries, too upset.
3. (I felt I was going) towards the end of my life, (lots of) negative thinking, frustrated.

Q: How do you find your knowledge about your therapeutic exercises?
A: Good, I will continue practicing them.

Q: What is/are the most significant progress that you have noticed?
A: (I become) more confident of myself. My breathing improved deeply.

Ms C W, 50
– neck, shoulder pain, osteoarthritic knee,
– uncontrolled itchiness especially on legs
– sinusitis
– reflux, digestive problem
– low blood pressure
– anaemic

Q: What are the significant improvements?
– Become more appreciative of my body
– More energetic on mobility and more stability inside
– Straighter shoulder and back (less hunched)
– Can breathe (deeper) longer (inhale & exhale)

Q: What do you like most about the training?
– Personal one to one session
– Learning all beneficial and specific exercises (for my condition)

Q: How will the course benefit you in your job or during your daily activities?
– Calmness of the mind
– How to stay focused
– To be aware of the right posture
– Smile and laugh more often
– Focus on inner self-reaction rather than others’ reactions.

Remarks: hope to be able to stay in touch often and to monitor on my progress from time to time. Thank you very much for making me a much healthier person mentally and physically 🙂

Mr Lee (colon cancer patient) 51
What do you like most about the course?
Extra knowledge about illnesses, qi and betterment.

Q: How will the course help you in your job or daily activities?
A: [The process of] Diagnosis > Analyse causative factors > treatment > teaching & coaching > self practice [is helpful]. (Able to) manage stress now.

Q: How do you find your knowledge about your therapeutic exercises?
A: Good to learn and continue to practice

Q: What is the most significant effect that you experienced?
A: Able to sense the sores. (it had been numbness for the past 3 years). Able to walk up or down staircases without support (holding onto rails)

Distance external qi therapy

T&CM Division of the Ministry of Health here had once mentioned that T&CM practitioners are not allowed to provide consultation through telephone or internet. We have protested and given many clinical case reports and told them that in the States, Apps for medical consultation through telephone are available, they should not be too far behind and we have informed the ministry that we will continue our service until kingdom comes.

Distance consultation testimonial.
Letter from client on February 10, 2015:

Hello Mr Ooi Kean Hin,

MK,5-year old grandson of my cousin had an epileptic seizure at the end of December. He was hospitalized for about 2 weeks. Now the doctor prescribed him the medication ‘deparkin’, 15 cc twice a day. His memory is intact, he can use the laptop and access the websites that he liked as before; but he cannot talk anymore, before he was a talkative boy. Now the family members teach him to talk, one word at a time, it works though.

Did you have any similar case? Could Zhineng Qigong and your therapeutic method help him? Please let me know.

My cousin lives in Vxxx Lxxx, south of Vietnam; if it is necessary to travel to Malaysia, he is willing to go with the boy, he doesn’t speak English, but he can get help from an interpreter. Or we can make conference call on the Skype, etc… the way you suggest.
I send attached the photo of the body.

Ooi Kean Hin: I have managed to help stroke patients to regain their speech ability rapidly, but I have never seen such case.
We had 3 video Skype sessions, twice on February 16 and once on February 18.
Letter from client on February 21.

Hello Mr Ooi Kean Hin,

As promised, I write to inform you about Minh-Khôi:

– As you know, only after the 1st session with you, he started talking more; after the 2nd session, he started counting, even though the words were not clear.

– Yesterday, I talked to my cousin and his wife: before yesterday, the 1st day of the New Year (in Vietnamese we called it “Tết“), the family gathered at the great-grand-mother house. There were a lot of people and lot of fun for him; so he was quite excited, in the evening he vomited and cried; for the first time since his seizure, the tears came out of his eyes. On that day, he called out “Bà Ngoại“ “Ông Ngoại“ (maternal grand-mother and grand-father), the words came out clearly, also this is the first time since his seizure.

– At the end of next week (around January 7, lunar calendar), my cousin will take an appointment with a specialist in another town, to consult him about MK. I will write to you after that.

Thank you again for your help.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong,

Ooi Kean Hin: I have suggested to the parents to seek further medical treatment for the boy’s seizure. Young children can’t learn to practice. The neurologist has confirmed that the medication was insufficient and has added in a new agent.

Blephrospasm (uncontrollable blinking)

In early February this year, a T&CM umbrella body has proposed to Moh that therapists can only work under the supervision of Chinese physician. This would rightly include qigong, tuina, reflexology, guasha, cupping etc. We protested and sent clinical reports to Moh and also inform them how WHO defines therapeutic services. At the same time told them that some professors and medical doctors here are our patients who can testify for our services. In the meeting on 2015-04-02, the T&CM division agrees that qigong therapists could continue to provide their professional services as long as they do not violate the laws. The following is one of the clinical reports that were sent to T&CM division, Ministry of Health.

Report from a patient with Blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking).
Jxxx Quah, 36, Sabahan.

Mr Ooi. i would really like to thank you for the treatment you have done to me, my dad (bad vision after glaucoma operation) and sister (lumbar problem). anyway, here’s the report.

2pm: 1st consultation in room 001, GP said is due to work pressure, given vitamin (can’t recalled what’s the name of the medicine so called vitamin). i suggested to the GP to refer me to neuro department. a refer letter was written on the spot and ask me go directly to the neuro 104.
there is no consultation today because it was operation/botox treatment day. a nurse at neuro saw my twitching eye and coincidentally there was a neuro consultant reading the patients medical history record, the nurse said my case needed botox injection, and talk to the consultant. without further hesitation the consultant came near me and saw me, he directly asked me go for botox injection, he told me i’m lucky today because today is operation/botox injection day, he can directly make the injection for me as if i want to. i refused because it was really a big shocked to go for injection without further diagnosis as well as mental preparation. the consultant said he will make an appointment for me to go for thorough consultation and medical advise, and at the same time asked me to consider botox injection.

9.30am: consulted an indian doctor, went through all the necessary diagnosis questionnaires and general actions/activities like pushing, raise up hand, smiling and etc..she consulted the consultant that i talked to on 11/10/2012, and again the consultant suggested me to go for botox. again, i refused, and i requested if there is any optional treatment other than merely botox injection. was prescribed clonazepam.

2pm: consulted a chinese doctor, told her i was suffered from illusion, loss of orientation and weakness after the medicine (which i only took for 2 days). she consulted the consultant again and came back to me, suggested CT scan and botox injection. she said even if i accepted her suggestion for botox injection, i will need to queue up and waiting for my turn which is one year later. again, i declined, was given another medicine called T.Baclofen, and was told if feeling any discomfort, can choose to discontinue and resume after few days/weeks after the discomfort disappear.

2pm: consulted a chinese doctor, told her my period became irregular and lesser after took the T.Baclofen (which i’ve taken for 3days) and period back to normal after discontinue the medicine. she said this is not suppose to be 1 of the side effects of T.Baclofen. then, she told me there has no more other alternative medicine for treating my eye twitching problem. she asked me how can she help me in this case since i’ve been rejected botox injection. i told her actually i feel better without medicine (of cause with the help by Mr. Ooi). she then asked me do i still need the follow up. i told her to continue, so my next follow up will be Feb 2015
once again: thank you, Mr Ooi

Jxxx Qxxx
Tel: 012 xxx xx71

Ooi Kean Hin:
Her father was healed after a single session, so was her sister.
Joan came back on 14 March and has almost recovered completely without any medication. Was told to continue with the prescribed exercise and only come back if necessary.