Therapist Training Module 1

Dear friends,

We have decided to split our Qigong Therapist Training Course Module 1 into 2 shorter courses (6 lessons each) so as to meet the demand of those who have just discovered qigong.
However some friends have suggested that we should at least run the existing version (10-lesson-course) for another class. We have decided there will be a last class starting January 2016. Registration will close on 15 December 2015.

Please take note that this one will be conducted in a different manner. Participants will not attend any life lessons but will only receive all the previous files (9 short video files, 4 core lecture audio files, 10 audio lessons and all the relevant reference materials) plus 3x one to one Video Skype session. We are sending out the core lectures for participants to go through and will start sending 1 lesson every week for 10 weeks from 1 January 2016. Let us know if you are interested.

If you are interested, please write to us.
Best qi,
Island ZQ Centre
Serenity THC


Get Well Class (Therapy Class)

Get Well Class (Therapy Class) 4 to 22 January 2016

Dear friend, Our next therapy class will be conducted from 4 January to 22 January 2016 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm). Participants may opt for 10 days or 15 days. To provide individual attention, we only take in a maximum of 4 persons each class. If you (or your friends) are interested, please contact us soonest possible. HYLT


Ooi Kean Hin & Sew Pei See
Serenity Therapy & Health Centre
Penang, Malaysia.

Module 2 2015 Report

M2 Class Report Oct 2015
PS. Female 40+
PS 女40+
This is the “N” revisions of Module 2. Many felt qigong is very mysterious; Well, it has been misled by many great stories in the past. Actually, it is all about the human life science, and the discovery of the conscious mind. It is about how to build good “daode” for an individual. I would rather call it the exercises for “tapping the power of consciousness”.
这是N次的Module2 温习了。很多人认为气功是神秘的。看来那是因为给过去的好多奇幻精彩故事给忽悠了。其实气功完全是关于人的生命学及意识的探索。气功是有关如何建立一个人的良好道德,我则称它是锻炼利用意识力量的培训。
This year, with the in depth and more time spent for the practices, not only I could feel the changes of the physical body, the apparent progress is within the mind itself. The experience in joining M2 for revision this time is totally different than before. As quoted “no independent body, no independent mind”.

The changes are:-

– It is no longer applying belated effort to handle an emotional eruption. Previously I was only aware after the eruption, then applied the techniques to diffuse it. The awareness of the changes of thoughts has improved.

– 在处理情绪上,不再是事后诸葛。以往我仅在情绪生发后才觉知,然后再以方法消化。这代表对于自己的意识的警觉性提高了。

– The strategy to handle the “chaotic” mind is no longer to find any excuses or external factors, it is all about drilling inside into what has stored into the reference system(RS).

– 管理情绪上不再以偏纠偏,不再为自己的意识错误找借口或外求,而是往自己的参照系深究。

– With that it helps in expanding and cleansing the RS; helping to remove things that were hidden inside subconsciously that were reflected whenever there is a stimulus.

– 这帮助了参照系的扩大及清理。帮助清理潜藏在潜意识,受到刺激时反映出来的东西。
– With the housekeeping of RS, the end result is the mind becomes calmer.

– 在这样的管理下,意识变得比较平和了。

There were two incidents that surprised me as of how calm the mind can be regardless of what the incident is. Once, it was the car battery that went flat, and the alarm went crazy. It was a very quiet early morning, the siren from the alarm was so loud that it seems the whole neighborhood need to be evacuated. I was inside the car, very calm and quietly tried to off it…yet, it did not work anyhow, and it was a Sunday, none of the workshops were open. It is almost 2-3 minutes later, a man came to help. My mind was not having any stray thought (not panicky) throughout the whole incident. Then I realized, this is the state at the middle without any emotion.

有一次,汽车电瓶坏了,车的防盗器响个不停。当时是凌晨,警报声很大声,似乎整个社区都该疏散。 我在车内,非常冷静的尝试把防盗器关掉,但是怎么搞都不行,而且那是个星期天,修车厂都没开门。2-3分钟后,一位先生过来帮忙。整个事件我完全没有紧张或失控。过后我才明白这是在中和状态下的安静。
The second incident was still related to my beloved car. I went to a mall and after having money exchanged, and a couple of window shopping, I paid the parking ticket and went to get my car. Then I realized I lost my car key. I normally keep the car key in a little pouch, but it was not there. I recalled where I went… then I went directly to the money changer’s counter. I did not see my car key there. As the staff was busy entertaining a client, I checked my state of mind again, it was still very calm and quiet….then I started to ask myself, how could you be that calm as the paid parking ticket only allowed you to be in the mall for another 15 mins, and some people may get the key and drive off…Then something flashed through the mind (emotional). Yet short while later the inner self returned to calmness. End of the story – the staff has safely kept my car key with him and I exited the mall within 15 mins with calm and quiet mind ; – )

第二件事也是跟我的宝贝车有关。我在一家购物中心换了钱币,再逛了一会儿。过后付了停车费就去停车场。突然发觉我把车钥匙给丢了。我翻查了我的小包,却找不到。我回想我去了哪里,过后直接去了钱币商柜台。当时员工正忙着,柜台上我看不到我的车钥匙。我查了查自己的意识,发觉自己还是很安静,当下就问自己怎么会还这么平静?付了停车费,15分钟内就得把车驾离停车场,而且可能有人把车给驾走了。。。当时头里闪了一下(情绪来了)。但是一会儿后我就静下来了。过后职员把收好的车钥匙还给了我,而且我在15分钟内安静平和的把车给驾走了 ;-)
The consciousness can be as detail as any words that we speak, and when we realized that it is not objective enough, we would have to correct it so that the mind becomes “neutral”.

M2 is mostly about cultivation of the mind, with the prerequisite that one should have practiced sufficiently and have built a relatively strong body. A person with a clear mind will create good values to oneself (first) and the surrounding community. It is worthwhile to revisit the course repeatedly until you can master the essential values of the teaching.