M1/M2 Upgrading Workhsop Report

M1+M2 workshop report by Axxx, F40+

Dear Mr Ooi,

With a bit of delay, I’m writing to thank you for the workshop in Penang.

It was great to be able to participate in the seminar that deepened ‘live’ what I had been practicing online and on my own at home.

From my point of view, the practical approach to dealing with everyday emotions was particularly valuable. The case studies of how one can deal with particular emotions were very usuful. The theory of how the Reference System is interconnected with emotions and how – with the practice – we can make our Reference System less biased and more balanced.
I found especially interesting the lecture on Huineng and his teachings in Platform Sutra and its influence on how the enlightenment is viewed in Zhineng Qigong.

As I said on the last day, the workshop “robbed” me of my illusions that I’d managed to loosen up my lumbar. Well, I just have to work more on my L-sitting. (okh: thumbs up wink emoticon

I was also very impressed by how you dealt with my cold. The cold first diminished and was then gone without a trace the next day. My hubby asked me to report that after your short treatment of his neck and head he now sleeps through whole nights without waking up. His sleep had been getting progressively less for years. It had reduced to about 4 hours a night. Big thank you! smile emoticon

A side effect of our trip to Malaysia and travelling through time zones is also that we now have a much more balanced life style: we go to bed earlier and we get up earlier as well.

Wishing you all the best,