Parkinson’s Disease

January 4 to 22, 2016
This guest is very special: she has Parkinson’s Disease and came all the way from Alabama with one wish, to get up from the wheelchair to walk by herself.

We did our best and shared our knowledge, it is her willpower to overcome the physical and psychological barriers to breakthrough, and she made it. She started to walk a few days after joining the class. She proves that with willpower, we can make it! To progress further, the practice has to go on, to get healthier and happier! Wish her all the best!


Serenity Therapy & Healthcare Centrerecovery series


Getting well class Jan 2016

This class is very special… this is the first class that we do not have any participants from Penang (we only take in maximum 5 participants in a class), all of them came from far away.. 2 all the way from Alabama, USA, 2 from Sarawak and one from Thailand. Very special… all of them were told that they are crazy by many wink emoticon few agreed that they should take the trouble to attend some qigong healing classes so far away from home wink emoticon

However, as usual, our team did not disappoint our guests, they went home happily!!

这个治疗班很不一样。。。这是我们第一个没有槟城人参加的课程(我们每个课程最多收5位客人)。。他们都是从远方过来的,2位是从美国阿拉巴马来,2为从砂劳越来,一位从泰国来。更特别的事,他们不约而同的被多位亲友说他们傻了,为什么要去到这么远上什么气功治疗课程。当然,我们的团队再次的不让客人们失望!他们忐忑的来,高兴的回家 wink emoticon

Qigong Therapist Training Courses

Distance Q Course M1 Essentials:igong Therapy   

Class will start on Saturday 19th March 2016 at 21:00 Malaysia time; 09:00 New York time and 14:00 CET. We have split M1 into 2 parts, this is part 1. This is our new format, 6 lessons over 6 Saturdays. Please email me for more info:

M2 2016: Going Home

Class will start on Saturday 30 April 2016 at 21:00 Malaysia time; 09:00 New York time and 14:00 CET. 10 lessons over 10 Saturdays. This is only open to those who have completed M1. Please email me for more info.

M1 & M2 Updating Workshop 2016
(only for those who have done M1 and M2)

M1&M2 Updating workshop will be held at Serenity THC, Penang, Malaysia from 30 July to 9 August. To provide individual attention, we will take in Only 12 participants (sorry…). Fee of the 10 day course remains the same.

M3 Hands-on Updating 2016 will be held on 11 to 15 August 2016. (only open to those who have done M3) at Serenity THC Penang, Malaysia.

Those who are interested please email us at: or