Online Get Well Class

Dear all, we will have our online Get Well Class as follows.

Date: 9th – 20th May 2016 (Mon to Friday)
Time: 9:00pm – 9:30pm (Malaysia Time)
9:00am – 9:30am ( New York Time)
3:00pm – 3:30pm ( CET time )

Video clips(what to practice) and core lectures(theory) will be sent 2 weeks before class starts. Participants will first learn the practice before joining the class where group healing will be conducted.

Participants will login to the given online conferencing website. Each session will be recorded and recorded files will be sent for playback purpose.

Who shall attend?
1. Those who are not feeling well and wish to boost up the health level rapidly.
2. Those with chronicle/terminal illnesses.

Understand why do we get ill, what should be avoided and what should we restore.
Instill the mind set to master our health improvement
Inculcate the practice habit within a strong Qi Field
Experience the calmness and relaxed state
Increase the awareness to the emotional state
Diffuse the emotion by applying the techniques
Persevere in continuous practice and start to restore the physical health and clarity of the mind

Understand why do we get ill and what to avoid
Theory: How to increase our awareness within our life activities and our state of mind?
Strong group healing Qi Field : LaQi, Qi regulation
One individual Skype session (up to 25 mins) : prescribed exercise to strengthen the bodily Qi.

Please share the info with your friends. As usual, we are sure participants will not be disappointed.

Write to us for more info at:

Best qi,
Serenity THC