Experience of Module 1 part 1 (Foundation Course)

Question: What is your findings after learning M1P1?

One of our friends’ progress report after learning M1P1 in Mar/Apr’17. (Thanks for sharing the blood test report!)

We hope her feedback would be a great encouragement to others.

Assessment of the vitality was done onto the physical body, the mind, and supported by health screening report.

Answer: I have been wondering too, during this months if I was practicing in the proper way, if my posture was correct. I am again feeling the same way with the new exercises. I am practicing in front of the mirror, so I try to check as much as I can. Sometimes it’s hard to close my eyes, before I can start “recognizing ” the sensations without watching.
(Pei See: Mirror is always the great teacher who tells the truth! )

– this feeling of the Qi thickening is a marvelous things to my eyes, and I am full of admiration for this friend colleague, but again I feel my path is long,’cause I don’t feel those sensations. Actually I think I feel no sensation at all.
(Pei See: You will appreciate “without any sensation” when going into M2 )

– after the first month, people meeting me after a long time were seeing a huge difference in my body and mind. I noticed changes in me, I am more aware and calm. Aware enough to know -once again- that my path is long, but positive because many things have already changed. And that’s why I am going on.

I am healthy; my blood test testifies it; **In the last years I have been warned several times to avoid to fat food, and suddenly this was the last test. Please, to also consider that I am living in USA, where finding healthy food is not so easy.

(Pei See : previous report shows high level of cholesterol at 204 and iron deficiency, the new results surprised the doctor! )

I am more focused: I am not dispersing my energies in too many things; I am more perseverance, fighting for my qigong space in my life; I am starting accepting myself in the way I am ( physically) and starting identifying who I am ( inside). Accepting me as an individual, becoming friend of myself, accepting more others, as well.

I am more relaxed, but awake.
(Pei See: More aware of the state of mind)

My skin has a different texture. My eyes are less tired. My nails are naturally polished. My body is not tired.
I smile more.

I am better with certain emotions to deal with, it is still difficult to deal with sudden lack of patience, even though I noticed it’s getting better too.

But I feel with much more energy when the course is on. The course is very stimulating for me. Studying and learning is powerful to me.That is why I feel I am an eternal student.

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