M1+ : Module 1 by Ooi Kean Hin

M1+ : The new Module 1

We have been conducting our Qigong Therapists Training Courses since 2012. While the main structures of all the courses were the same, the contents differ slightly from one to another, because each has a slightly different emphasis.

We have decided to re-structure our Module 1 and will introduce it as a 10-week-course starting 2018.

Major adjustments include:
1. More on theory
We are going to cover even more on the management of emotions, so as to prepare our participants for Module 2. To reduce the time spent on theory, we are going to video record major lectures and send to participants before the class. Online sessions will have more time to work on practice and Q&A.

2. More on practice
A slight shift. Lift Qi Up is now accepted as one of the basic qigong courses in Chinese medicine universities or shall we say, Lift Qi Up will get even more popular. We will put in some emphasis on how we may learn, teach and practice LQU efficiently to attain the 4 minimal requirements laid down by the founder.

3. As usual all classes will be video recorded and sent to participants immediately after the class. Participants will get have the opportunity to study and practice at their convenience.

4. All new participants are entitled to a video Skype/Zoom session of up to 25min to double check the practice.

What is the investment now? It is still 500eur or equivalent.
1. As usual, those who have attended our M1 before are entitled to participate with a special rate of 20% of full fee.
2. Those who have joint M1P1 will get to join the whole new M1 at the rate of 50% discount.
3. Those who have chosen to sign up M1P1 by installment can continue to do so for M1+
4. Those who have joint any of our courses are entitled to a 20% discount (confirmation by organizer needed).

– As usual, we will only conduct the course once a year.
– Ms Sew Pei See will be on sabbatical leave, Ooi Kean Hin will take care of the classes.
– M2 will be postponed to a later date, probably in July, sorry for the inconvenience.

Dates: all classes on Saturdays starting from 3rd March to 5th May, 2018
Time: Malaysia: 9:00pm.
New York: 8.00am for classes on 3rd and 10th March, subsequently at 9.00am (daylight saving adjustment)
Central Europe: 2pm for classes on 3rd to 24th March, subsequently at 3,00pm (daylight saving adjustment)

Interested? Write to: okhpen@gmail.com

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