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Ooi Kean Hin

I am a Chinese medicine practitioner, Qigong and Therapeutic Massage Therapist, consciousness researcher, author of Zhineng Qigong books and Dao De Jing – the science, practice & theory, founder of Information Therapy and a registered pharmacist.

I started practicing Zhineng Qigong in 1997 and started teaching in 1999. I had a renal colic attack in early 1999. The doctor found a staghorn stone in my left kidney. After the surgery, the left kidney function went down to around 15%. The kind doctor told me one kidney is good for a hundred years. With the idea that one kidney gives 100 years, two may yield 200; I started practicing seriously while still in the hospital. Six months later, the left kidney surprised the doctor by returning its function to 95%. No looking back after that… Qigong became my life.

I started to teach in Europe in 2005 and started to teach online in 2012. I initiated the set up of the National Occupational Skill Standard for Qigong Therapy by convincing the Ministry of Health with testimonials from clients verified by medical doctors.

I published the first article on Three Levels Theory of Matter proposed by Dr Pang Ming in 2012 and joined the Journal of Nonlocality, published by International Consciousness Research Lab, as an editorial member in 2013. Subsequently, I have co-authored a few consciousness research articles together with colleagues at the Journal of Nonlocality.

I started to offer distance healing in 2006 and started to offer Information Therapy in 2016. Together with Irma van Tuil and Sew Pei See, we published The Exploration of Information Therapy for Autism and Dementia in 2018. I published the article The Hypothesis on How Distance External Qi Works in 2019.

My main activities are providing, therapeutic massage, qigong and health consultation services and providing Information Therapy services. I am conducting two annual Qigong online classes, M1: Qigong Essentials and M2: Research in Enlightenment.


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