Experience of Module 1 part 1 (Foundation Course)

Question: What is your findings after learning M1P1?

One of our friends’ progress report after learning M1P1 in Mar/Apr’17. (Thanks for sharing the blood test report!)

We hope her feedback would be a great encouragement to others.

Assessment of the vitality was done onto the physical body, the mind, and supported by health screening report.

Answer: I have been wondering too, during this months if I was practicing in the proper way, if my posture was correct. I am again feeling the same way with the new exercises. I am practicing in front of the mirror, so I try to check as much as I can. Sometimes it’s hard to close my eyes, before I can start “recognizing ” the sensations without watching.
(Pei See: Mirror is always the great teacher who tells the truth! )

– this feeling of the Qi thickening is a marvelous things to my eyes, and I am full of admiration for this friend colleague, but again I feel my path is long,’cause I don’t feel those sensations. Actually I think I feel no sensation at all.
(Pei See: You will appreciate “without any sensation” when going into M2 )

– after the first month, people meeting me after a long time were seeing a huge difference in my body and mind. I noticed changes in me, I am more aware and calm. Aware enough to know -once again- that my path is long, but positive because many things have already changed. And that’s why I am going on.

I am healthy; my blood test testifies it; **In the last years I have been warned several times to avoid to fat food, and suddenly this was the last test. Please, to also consider that I am living in USA, where finding healthy food is not so easy.

(Pei See : previous report shows high level of cholesterol at 204 and iron deficiency, the new results surprised the doctor! )

I am more focused: I am not dispersing my energies in too many things; I am more perseverance, fighting for my qigong space in my life; I am starting accepting myself in the way I am ( physically) and starting identifying who I am ( inside). Accepting me as an individual, becoming friend of myself, accepting more others, as well.

I am more relaxed, but awake.
(Pei See: More aware of the state of mind)

My skin has a different texture. My eyes are less tired. My nails are naturally polished. My body is not tired.
I smile more.

I am better with certain emotions to deal with, it is still difficult to deal with sudden lack of patience, even though I noticed it’s getting better too.

But I feel with much more energy when the course is on. The course is very stimulating for me. Studying and learning is powerful to me.That is why I feel I am an eternal student.

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Get Well Class (Recovery Class) in Netherlands!

Get Well Class (Recovery Class) in Netherlands
by Ooi Kean Hin, Irma Van Tuil and gang!

Date: 1st to 5th of June 2017
Time: 9:30 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 15:00. (Theory and Practice)
15:30 to 17:30 (individual session, each participant will get one)
Venue: de Poort, Groesbeek

Who should come for the Get Well (Recovery) Class?
Well we welcome all those who have minor or major health problems or just want to get better.

What will participant learn in the class?
They will be attended by our certified therapists and practice under strong, happy qi field. They will learn specific exercises for them to get well rapidly and core exercises for long term benefits. They will learn the ways to manage their emotions and to remain happy.

How good is your Recovery Class?
Er… please go through previous messages about our Get Well Class, I think we are definitely among the best 😉

For more information, please send e-mail to irmavantuil@gmail.com

What is Zhineng Qigong

What is Zhineng Qigong?

Zhi is wisdom. It is the ability of the brain to deal with the outside world. Neng is ability.  This includes mental and physical abilities. Zhineng Qigong literally means a practice that will develop the wisdom and abilities of a person.

Zhineng Qigong was created in 1982 by Dr Pang Ming, a Qigong scholar who is also a medical doctor and a Chinese physician. The practice is now well-known throughout the world.  The record thus far has proven that this is an effective Qigong that wards off diseases, improves longevity, and improves physical and mental health. It also redevelops our hidden capabilities (eg: reading through obstacles, the ability to perceive without using the five senses, etc).

Since the emergence in 1982 Zhineng Qigong has shown great power in treating diseases. Many difficult and complicated cases achieved miraculous results through Zhineng Qigong. An analysis report [1] of 47864-case-study of patients that enrolled in Zhineng Qigong Recovery Centre from March 1992 to December 1996  (excluding those with malignant tumours) has indicated that 23.50% patients met the criteria of getting cured, 40.70% of them fulfilled the criteria of having very effective results and total rate of effectiveness was 99.05%.

Over the years, practice methods have been further refined and customized for specific illnesses. And results are being obtained in a even faster manner.

What is qi? Ancient Qigong masters propounded that there is a finest matter in the universe, matter with no shape or form, that cannot be seen by the naked eyes that was found at the very beginning of the universe. Some called it dao, some taiji, some yuan qi.  In Zhineng Qigong we call this finest element primeval qi.

Let’s take a look at modern physics. In September 2008 the underground hadron collider in Switzerland tried to recreate the Big Bang, to hunt for the particle that gave the universe its form. The Big Bang theory, propounds that everything in the universe comes from the same source, built up from the same fundamental unit. This fits with the findings of the ancient qigong masters.

What is qigong? Qigong is founded on the traditional understanding of the holism of life. Holism of life being a theory that the universe, especially living nature is correctly seen in terms of interacting as wholes not just the sum of elementary particles or the sum of it’s parts.  It is a training that involves the conscious use of the mind to focus inwards. The practice transforms, improves and raises a persons life functions. It changes ones natural instinctive life activities into a conscious mindful practice.

Generally people’s mental activities focus outward, on what is happening outside their bodies, focusing on their outside activities, their life activities.  Such phenomenon is known as outward focusing. Qigong practice requires us to focus inwards to merge with one’s life activity. For instance, when we are practicing a breathing exercise we focus on our breath, which is a life activity. When we practice a dynamic Qigong exercise like Body Mind Form we focus on the execution of the exercise.  Our attention stays inside our body.   However when we are doing  other physical exercise like playing tennis, we focus on the ball that we are going to hit and our attention is outside our body.  Qi generated in other physical exercise is converted into strength to deliver what we want to achieve outside our body. In dynamic Qigong practice, the attention is focused on the execution rather than an outside target.  The Qi being mobilized will not be converted into strength to carry out tasks outside the body but will be used to strengthen the Qi channels inside the body to strengthen the body.

In everyday life, our mental activity is always expanding from one point to many. The content keeps changing and diverging. In Qigong practice, mental activity is focused inward into a single content. By definition, Qigong involves a single-minded focus. Such a focus is also one way to determine whether a particular health-promoting activity is a form of Qigong. For instance, while listening to a conversation a person’s mind is normally put in a multi-tasking function and usually we think of many other things at the same time while trying to listen. However in Qigong practice the mind has to focus on one thing instead of many. For example, in the execution of movements in qigong exercise, the mind gives the order to execute and the movement is carried out – without any thoughts or concept in between and without thinking of other things.

When we are deeply engrossed in reading, working or watching a movie, although the mind is fixated on a single issue, the focus is outside one’s own life sustaining activities. That made the difference between what is Qigong and non Qigong practices.

[1] Zhineng Qigong Healing Analysis Report: -ZQ_Tx_Analysis

[2] Recovery testimonials: https://qigongzhineng.wordpress.com/testimonials/

i Therapy

I Therapy (Information therapy, aka imperceptible therapy)
– Therapy based on the audio playback of recorded information.

It all started with the onion..
We all know that external qi and human intention can make changes to the physical world, including speeding up the growing process of plants. However, can we retain the information during an external qi treatment and playback to get the same effect? If this is possible, then it will lend a strong support to the hypothesis that information can be converted into energy*, also a hypothesis by Dr Pang Ming’s Three Levels Theory of Matter.

In February 2008 we did a simple experiment to validate that. We visualized sending qi to skinned onion bulb and recorded the session. After that the audio file is playback to the subject 30min daily for 11 days. The result was amazing. (Please see the attached picture) We learned later that under normal circumstances it is not possible to germinate skinned onion.

We approached two local universities with the hope to find a researcher to help us to run similar experiments, hoping that they could imagine what will happen if we do the same thing to the plants in large scale. However, we failed to market the idea. We introduced this to some friends in the Zhineng Qigong research circle; again, somehow it did not catch on… apparently we have to sharpen our marketing skill 😦

Slowly we found that it is almost impossible to convince the modern scientists that “information (external qi) can be converted into energy and human intention is a form of information” is a plausible hypothesis. Despite the successful research “Information Heat Engine: Converting Information To Energy By Feedback Control”** published in nature to validate what James Maxwell proposed 150 years ago, many in the consciousness research field are still skeptical.

We dropped the idea in 2010 and only started to pick it up again in August 2015, after reading about William Tiller’s Psychoenergetics where information is recorded with an oscillator and playback 24/7 to subjects subsequently. After some fine tuning, we started to work on our information therapy (i therapy, because we were located at i Avenue then 😉

Armed with our knowledge in Zhineng Qigong, we started our trial in March this year on autistic children and children with temperamental problem, then extended to other problems that we find might be useful, including a case of meningitis. We started on children (below the age of 14) mainly because through our experience in healing, we understand, unlike adults, their “self” has yet to fully develop and we are able to make changes much easier. We are glad with the extremely good response! And we started to extend that to adults, particularly the elderly, in May this year. Again, we were fascinated by the results!

Success story…

Report by the mother of a 14-year-old autistic girl (program started on February 15)

9 March
My daughter is under autistic spectrum. After using i therapy for about a month, there are changes in my daughter’s behavior. Some of the changes are the feed back from her teacher and some are from my observations.

1. She is more flexible and more acceptable to changes .She used to be very rigid and insisted on her wants. But lately, she could accept things even though not her liking. I can quote a few examples that struck me and her teacher.

i). Last year her teacher reported to me that exam, there are some questions that she couldn’t answer. She tried to get help from her teacher but was denied, she insisted her teacher must gave her the answer and cried. She refused to carry on with other questions until she get her answer. But lately, when she took her exam, again she tried to ask for help from her teacher but again her teacher refused to give her the answer but ask her to try on her own. She complied to her teacher but she still could not answer. Then her teacher asked her what is she going to do? My daughter said never mind and she passed up her exam paper. I was very happy to hear that from her teacher. To me this is a big leap on her flexibility ,compliance and awareness.

ii) My daughter loves to watch movies. She would take note of the movies that she likes and ask me to take her to watch. If i were to tell her that certain movies are not suitable for her, she would be unhappy and would constantly ask me again and again. But lately there’s one movie which she had eye on it but that movie is not for below 18. I told her that it is only for 18 and above, her reaction was “ok, never mind, we dont watch”. and that’s it, she never mention it any more.

iii). My daughter doesn’t like to make friends with boys, she would scold them and shout at them. In her class, she is the only girl. Last year when the class took class photo, she insisted not to take the class photo, even the teacher persuaded her, insisted on it, and even scolded her but she would not comply. However this year (recently), she took a class photo although she did not smile at all. Besides this, her teacher told me that, 2 weeks ago, she initiated a conversation with a boy in her class.

2.Lately, when i talk to her, i felt that the connection of her to the surrounding is getting stronger. She is more conscious of the conversation and i notice she could link and connect to the meaning and some hidden meaning of the conversation. She understands the concept that “even she doesn’t like it but yet she has to do it”. Of course understanding is one thing , to do it is another. So i still guide her, encourage her and remind her through .

3. She would notice when she is not in a calm mode. When that happens, she will try to calm herself, or come to me and ask me to “fa qi” to her and let her calm down.

28 March:
The other day when I was going back to our apartment , I stopped by to have a chat with a friend at that moment my daughter was ahead of me and went up first thinking I would follow soon.

After about 30 minutes, she came down to look for me. When she saw me she said she was very worried and I should phone her telling her that I was talking to my friend. I told her that she could call me too, she said she did but could not get me, and I realised I put my phone in silence mode.

Wasn’t this a good improvement! She is more aware of things and the surrounding and most importantly she knows how to tackle situations and knows what to do. I’m so happy and proud of her.

20 June:
Usually my daughter would have low esteem and always says she cannot do it and cannot try. Just now when she was practicing her piano for her exam, she kept on playing and told me that she could do it. And she sounded determined.
She is improving gradually in many aspects. Thank you. HYLT

To be continued..

Qigong Onion

Qigong Training Course Module I part 2

Distance Qigong Training Course Module I part 2 (new format) 2016

Dear all,
Our New Distance Qigong Training Course Module I part 2 will start on Saturday 9 July 2016.
We will send the practice files, videos and the core lectures two weeks before the online class starts so that participants can start the exercises and get to know the theory before the class begins.
Dates: 9, 16, 23, 30 July and 6, 13 August (6 lessons x 90min)
Time: 21:00 Malaysia time zone, 09:00 NY time zone, 15:00 Central European Time zone
Link for the online website will be sent to all participants. New enrollments are entitled to a Skype session (up to 20mins) to ensure the exercises are done correctly.
The fee for the course is 300 eur.

We have a new format and those who have attended the old Module 1 are welcomed to attend the class for revision at a fee of 60 eur.

As usual, seats are limited, Those who are interested please write to us soonest possible.
Serenity THC