Clinical Case Studies of Zhineng Qigong that allow Qigong to be recognised as a therapeutic modality

by Ooi Kean Hin, Island Zhineng Qigong Centreto the Traditional & Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health   19th Dec 2008

1. Mr CYC 

Add: Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

Occupation: Headmaster of a high school inPenang

Date of treatment: 9/7/2008       Date of testimonial: 21/10/2008

Complaint: Pain on right knee. Could not walk for more than 5 metres.

Diagnosis by orthopaedic surgeons: Consulted Dr T, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, AxxxHospitalin 3rd June 2008, was diagnosed as having osteoarthritis at the right knee. Was given painkillers, did not take because did not find  it useful. Started intra-ocular hyaluronic acid injection in late June but did not find it useful after first injection.

Consulted Mr L, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bxxx Medical Centre immediately after that. Same diagnosis was given and hyaluronic acid injection was continued. After the third dose, patient did not find it helpful and stopped seeing both doctors.

Qigong finding: Qi blocked at lumbar. Prolapse at L4, L5. Minor osteoarthritis at right knee.

Zhineng Qigong Experience: Words from patient: I could walk properly the next morning after the previous night when Ooi Kean Hin healed me with Zhineng Qigong and I did the prescribed exercise for 1 hour. It is really unbelievable and fantastic. Recently I climbed to the top of the hill in Yehe Yuan inBeijing.

Third party reference: Mr S, H/p: 012-xxxxxxx

Extra note to Ministry of Health: It is not a miss-diagnosis of the orthopaedic surgeons. They investigate the complaint of the patient but they were not trained to do it in a holistic manner. I did nothing to the patient’s knee but the pain disappeared and he was able to walk freely again after the 2nd treatment.

2. Ms OSL

Address: Sunway Bayan, Bayan Lepas.

Occupation: Teacher

Date of treatment: 11/10/2007   Date of testimonial: 20/10/2008

Complaint: detected swollen lymph node (diameter approximately 1.2cm) at the side of the neck for more than a week.

History: Consulted Dr L, Xxxx Specialist Centre on 8th October. Surgeon suspected tumour and suggested going for biopsy 7 days later. A course of strong antibiotic failed to reduce the problem at day 4.

Diagnosis by Medical Doctor: Suspect tumour. Needs biopsy to confirm whether it is malignant or not.

Qigong finding: qi blockage. Unlikely to be cancerous because of the emotional condition of patient. Swelling disappear after a 10 minutes healing.

Zhineng Qigong Experience: Words from patient: The swell has diminished after healing. Consulted Dr L again on 15th October and was confirmed by him that the tumour had disappeared.

Third party reference: Ms C H/p: 016-xxxxxxx

Extra note to Ministry of Health: Not a miss-diagnosis of the doctor again. He was just using his professional judgement which is not holistic in nature.

3. Ms CSW

Address: Tanjung Bungah,Penang

Occupation: teacher

Date of treatment: 5/11/2008      Date of testimonial: 21/10/2008

Complaint: Pain at lumbar, unable to walk or straighten body.

Diagnosis by Dr C, orthopaedic & spinal surgeon, Axxx Hospital, Penang: Spinal disc L5, S1 tear and last 2 spinal disc degenerate shown on MRI.

History: Experienced severe pain at the back and unable to straighten body that set in suddenly. Was admitted into Axxx Hosptial and put on Celebrax 200mg twice daily, Neurontin 300mg twice daily and Methylcobal 500mcg three times daily but did not help.

Qigong finding: Prolapse at L5, S1 after sudden impact-exercise (hill climbing)

Zhineng Qigong Experience: Words from patient: Mr Ooi’s diagnosis was exactly as shown in the MRI (without even reading my MRI) and in fact he explained in detail how the muscle spasm developed, the prolapse of the disc cause (developed). After passing qi to me once, I was able to walk quite comfortably & I immediately felt very very much better. I only wished I had been treated by him 100%. Successive treatment brings further improvement, not only to the disc and muscle but health in general. Thanks.

Third party reference: Ms Cxxx

Extra note to Ministry of Health: again, a matter of approach. The doctor wanted to operate. But to us, it is just a matter of over-strained – she went for hiking for the first time in months. When sufficient qi is there and with the lumbar relaxed, the intervertebral disc would easily go in. Yes, it is hard to believe in the eyes of modern medicine..

4. Ms SGL

Address: Lengkok Nipah,Penang

Occupation: QA Manager

Date of treatment: November 2005 to March 2006                           Date of testimonial: 7/11/2008

Complaint: Unable to control right leg and foot movement. No sensation or control of the right foot.

Diagnosis by Prof Dr Z, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, XX University Hospital: Nerve damage after knee replacement surgery.

History: I experience knee pain at my right knee and went to consult Dr, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, XxxxSpecialistHospitalon 9th September 2005. He ordered a MRI and found growth on my right knee that warrants surgical intervention. He referred me to Prof Z University Hospital for knee replacement surgery. I had my surgery on 3rd October 2005 under general anaesthesia and was discharged on 27th October 2005. I was put on Cefuroxime tablet, Fosamex tablet and Neurobion tablet for 3 months. After that Dr S of Xxxx Specialist centre did not prescribe any medicine but just attended to my dressing. I experienced drop foot, loss of sensation, numbness & tingling at the right region of my right lower leg and foot. Prof Z told me that some complications happened during the surgery and I may need a nerve transplant surgery but that could only be done at least 2 years later. Besides, he informed me that he is not confident of the subsequent surgery. Individual healing sessions with Mr Ooi commenced in 3rd November 2005 when I was seeing Dr S at Xxxx Specialist Centre & ended in March 2006. During the period I called him every morning to receive distant healing through phone for 5 minutes and visited him atTongSianPrimary School every Sunday where he conducted classes. I was also instructed to do certain qigong exercise at home.

Qigong finding: Nerve damage from right knee downward.

Zhineng Qigong experience: I have successfully regained approximately 50% of my sensation in March 2006 & 80% to date. Degree and frequency of numbness, tingling and pain reduced impressively after the 5-month healing period.

Third party reference: Mr L H/p: 012-5751286

Extra note to Ministry of Health: both surgeons in XX University Hospitaland and Penang Specialist Centre told the patient that it would not be possible for her to recover.

5. Ms AAR


Occupation: Teacher

Date of treatment: 12th August 2008        Date of testimonial: 12/11/2008

Complaint: Severe knee pain. Unable to walk properly or climb staircase.

Diagnosis by Dr J, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Xxx Hospital: Osteoarthritis.

Qigong finding: Bad lumbar injury blocking down flow of qi to knees. Minor osteoarthritis.

History: Consutlted DrJ of Xxxx Hospital on 28/2/2006 because of knee pain on both sides. Was told to be having osteoarthritis and was prescribed Viatrial-S 1g daily for 3 months. Stop taking Viatril-S at the end of 3 months because did not feel any improvement. Started taking many types of supplements recommended by friends but did not help. Went toPenangHospitalon 21/9/07 and was told to follow physiotherapy. Attended weekly physiotherapy session from 21/9/07 to 21/11/07 then from 17/1/08 to 16/4/08. Consulted Dr J again on 19/3/08 and was told that the condition has gone worse. Advised to continue physiotherapy. Stopped physiotherapy on 16/4/08 because did not find it helpful. Pain became worse. Consulted a biomedicine personnel on 23/3/08 and was advised to put on a special insole for my shoes. It did not help also.

Zhineng Qigong experience: Threw away walking stick 1 week after treatment with prescribed exercise! Able to walk properly and climb staircase now.

Third party reference: Mr A

Extra note to Ministry of Health: Again no miss-diagnosis of the surgeons. Just that they were not trained to approach in a holistic manner. The physiotherapy actually caused more trouble because they were actually exercising her worn cartilage. 

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Kean Hin September 7, 2011 / 12:24 pm

    The importance of the emotion (article published in http://www.znqg.com/bbs in 2009)

    In recent years we have seen many cancer patients. I would conclude that for those with the age in the range of 25 to 75, the disease would almost certainly relapse if the patient failed to tamed his emotion.

    Generally cancer patients like to keep their frustration inside. Famous cancer counselling service provider, Dr Carl Simonton (1942-2009) claimed that all cancer patients would have gone through a prolonged period of severe, hopeless depression 6 to 18 months before the diagnosis of the disease. In Chinese medicine there is the saying that uncontrolled, frustrating ideation will stagnate the flow of qi (therefore qi will cohere to form tumour). I found this statement quite through; with the exception of those with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

    During the verbal therapy (Zhineng Qigong’s version of counseling) session with cancer patients I found that most of them have sunken deep into their emotional problem, the worst is that they are not aware that is a problem. The mind is used to the mental condition but the body is not accepting it. We can perceive the tightness of qi in their chest but no, not them, they don’t feel anything at all. Many would insist that: it is okay now, I have dropped the baggage… but in many cases the truth is always otherwise….

    In dealing with cancer patients, verbal therapy is very important. They have to understand the tumour is formed by the coherence of qi and it is their frustrating emotion that is bringing the coherence. To get well completely, they have to change their mind. They have to learn to stop asking why others are doing things to them, why others are bullying them, accusing them etc. they have to ask themselves why are they reacting frustratingly.

    Case 1:
    S was 32 when she came to me with a cancerous breast tumour of 2.5×7.5cm. The oncologist said the tumour was too big and is attaching onto the main blood vessel, nothing much can be done, chemotherapy would not work too; doctor said her prognosis was about 3 to 6 months. She received external qi healing and verbal therapy continuously for 14 days and practised for 3-6 hours per day. Six weeks later x-ray investigation with the hospital could not locate the tumour anymore. The oncologist said to prevent future relapse, she should go for mastectomy. Patient refused. After that she continued practising at our centre twice a week (2 hours per session) and at least 3 hours at home. However 6 months later I discovered something not right and asked her to go for a check up. The tumour returned; 2 smaller ones.

    Had a talk with her and found that her sister came back for Chinese New Year 6 weeks ago and had a clash with her family. The sister wanted her two sons to be baptised, but her Buddhist husband was reluctant and she decided to follow the wish of her husband. We went through counselling and I asked her to reorganise her mental condition but nothing seemed to work well. She could not persist on her practice and would stop after 1 hour. Six months later she thought may be she should try something else and went back to the hospital and requested for chemotherapy. However she lost her consciousness during the second infusion and almost died. So engaged the help of a Chinese physician and stopped turning up for practice. Few months later her husband called and said she could not get out of bed and is complaining about severe giddiness. I scanned her through the phone and perceived a big lump at the occipital area. The moment I sent qi over she threw up. I told the husband to send her to the hospital. The oncologist confirmed the caner has spread to her brain and she died in coma 3 days later.

    Case 2:
    RB, a Dutch in his 20s was diagnosed with scrotum cancer in 2006. The surgeon removed the diseased scrotum but the tumour spread to the abdomen and grew ferociously during the 4 chemotherapy treatments. The doctors told him sorry, nothing can be done, please try to enjoy your last days. He started practising Zhineng Qigong in May 2007 and contacted me through email. We became friends. In June 07 he said he wanted to come over, the size of his tumour was as big as a basketball then. I said only with the agreement of his oncologist. The doctor told him no, he should not take long distant flight.

    Through the emails I learned that he was the top student of a top design college in Europe. His problem started because he could not take the pressure of his lecturers and family members on his graduation project. Like what he said: I no longer enjoy what I love the most. I told him to regulate his emotion and paste reminders everywhere to keep smiling and he has to practise minimally 2- 3 hours daily. He was so smart that he programmed his handphone to remind him to smile every 30 min. I told him to tell his lectures and family members he has done his best, he is going to die anyway, take it or leave it.

    We met in October 2007 when I was teaching in Germany. He just did his check up and the tumour has shrunken to the size of a ping-pong. The tumour marker has gone down from 182 to 14 (below 10 is normal). His doctors said that was not possible but told him to continue what he was doing.

    in February 2008 he wrote to inform that the cancer marker has gone down to 6.2 and the doctor said the tumour has dried completely and shrunk further from 8 cm to 7 cm. the doctors wanted to operate on him to remove the tumour which was attached to his vas deferen but there is a 5% possibility that they might severe his vas deferen accidentally and he will get a free vasectomy! I told him why the hurry? He has learned how to live his life and regulate his emotion, if he can maintain his practice, the surgery is not important. Since there is no emergency why not practise for another 6 to 12 months before considering the option.

    In 2009 he wrote to me, informed me that he has set up his own design academy and sheepishly informed me that he had done the surgery in March 2008 after repeated requests (or pestering) from his girlfriend and parents. The doctors were surprise that the tumour has shrunken further and has detached from the vas deferen, so no free sterilisation procedure for him.

    Case 3:
    M was 60 when she came to us in 2006; a single mother with an adopted son. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer having tumours in her breast, ribs and colon. Chemotherapy has failed completely and she was too weak for any further treatment. She threw up immediately during external qi healing. Two weeks after the commencement of practice her condition stablised but she could not practise at home. The most she will do some abdominal massage or laqi for 30min once or twice a day. His son told me she would stop every 3 to 5 minutes during the 30 min session and was crying almost the whole day. During verbal therapy I learned that her son is going to marry and his fiancée has found his biological mother and had arranged for them to meet without her knowledge. Somehow the lady found out and was afraid that his adopted son might leave him. Irrespective of what her son said, she just could not take it.

    Two months later she came and informed us happily that her son has been promoted to KL and she is going to KL with him. Her son told me doctor told him his mother would not live more than 3 months.

    In late 2008 she came back healthily to join us for practice. Many of us were shocked to see her walking healthily into the hall. A friend next to me uttered: Gosh…. She is still alive!

    I talked to her son later and found that after moving to KL she calmed down. After his marriage she was happy with how her daughter in law treated her. Finally she was convinced that her son would not leave her. She was not practising much but was happy everyday and body recovered rapidly. Soon after that the doctor told the son since the tumours have stopped growing maybe they should try to give her a dose of chemotherapy. She took the treatment and recovered very well. The check-ups after that confirmed that the tumours have all disappeared.

    What do you think? How did she get well?

    • joyce kuster September 11, 2011 / 9:32 am

      Dear Friends,
      We all have to learn by processes in live, emotions are the most difficult ones to learn to control. I know that iff you are not happy with life ore maybe angree into life ore to somebody, you get ill very soon. Chanching into possitive will change life to sunshine. You get better every day. Just beleve and have fun will make a big different into your daily live, but never forget to practise aswell. Without practise it will be a long way to go.
      HYLT Joyce

  2. david kushner October 22, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    have you had success with ladies that have lack of hormones and periods..?can you help their body ovulate? my wife is having some issues,body not producing estrogen and progesterone, high l.h.

    • Kean Hin January 31, 2015 / 9:23 am

      Sorry for the very very late reply.. somehow the letter went into spam folder.
      We do have patients recovering from such condition through both external qi therapy and self practice. We provide distance consultation too, you can contact us directly at: okhpen@gmail.com


  3. Lakeisha Segura August 28, 2017 / 10:12 pm

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